How To Submit A Press Release

How To Submit A Press Release


Keep the following guidelines in mind when planning to write and submit a press release:

  1. Write a catchy headline that contains verbs like “announces”, “releases” or similar to those. Remember that the main goal of a press release is to “announce”; hence, the content as well as the headline must contain or convey a specific announcement.

    💡 NOTE: The title must have a maximum number of 15 words only.

  2. Include the location and date of the release at the beginning of the content or your introduction. It should follow the format: City, State – (Date). In most cases, you can leave the date with a placeholder “date” written only.
    New York, Ontario – (November 13, 2022) – Content goes here……..
  3. In writing the intro, immediately give the information the readers need to know. As much as possible, it should answer the WH questions such as the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.
  4. Write 2-3 paragraphs of details after the intro. Arrangement of info based on importance must be in a descending order. Always keep the content and words simple and straightforward. Example, when writing about the what and why of the release, there’s no need to tell the history of something. You can also include bullet points if necessary.
  5. State the FACTS only. Avoid hyperbolic language to describe a company or a product that is being announced in the release.
  6. Check word usage. Always ensure that terms used are not industry jargons that an average person won’t understand.
  7. Write a short and summarized business or person bio at the bottom part of the release. This info must still be factual and most likely what you’d write in an about me/the company page.
  8. The last portion must be the contact information. It should include the following information:
    Contact Name: XXXXX
    Phone Number: (Fake phone number only to avoid spam calls)
    Website URL: XXXXX

    💡 NOTE: Depending on the client, they can include a business address or email; however, we strongly suggest not to so as to avoid spam messages in emails.

  9. Photo/s: Only 1-2 photos are allowed with captions. Photo dimension must always be LANDSCAPE.
  10. The release must be 300-400 words maximum only.
  11. SPECIAL NOTE: Strictly, NO medical or supplemental info.
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What are Press Releases Intended For

Startups without a precise vision often drain their resources before they become profitable. Without clear objectives in mind, it’s easy to get