Submitting a Post with Scale My Publication (on the site)

Submitting a Post with Scale My Publication (on the site)


The following are some key points before you submit a press release with Scale My Publication:

💡 BEFORE Submitting: Adjust your user profile – name, url, contact info, PHOTO.

    1. Make a purchase (standard press release).
    2. Login into your dashboard using this link.
    3. The system will automatically create a post as draft with your order number as the title.
    4. Set up the header and footer of your release:


New York, New York–(Scale My Publication. – October 12, 2022) –

Contact: Britt Rozenblat
Locations: New York and Montreal

  • Add a featured image.
  • After all the requirements and formatting are done, click submit.
  • Our team will then review your submission.




  • Photos: Must have photo credit. See below for an example:

  • Do not forget to link to the company or individual.
  • The title should be less than 150 characters. Crucial information, like names, should be within the first 120 characters.
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How To Submit A Press Release

Keep the following guidelines in mind when planning to write and submit a press release: Write a catchy headline that contains verbs

What are Press Releases Intended For

Startups without a precise vision often drain their resources before they become profitable. Without clear objectives in mind, it’s easy to get