What are Press Releases Intended For

What are Press Releases Intended For


Startups without a precise vision often drain their resources before they become profitable. Without clear objectives in mind, it’s easy to get caught up with irrelevant tasks or spend ample time volume-hiring people who do not support the company’s vision. The solution is to develop core objectives that are directly correlated to your company’s vision and have every decision you make extend from those objectives.

One common pitfall startups face is the desire to grow their services or products swiftly. However, this may lead them to diverge from their company’s unique selling point, thus draining their resources and dwindling the quality of their offer. A company that is laser-focused on its vision is like a sniper — they’re able to project far into the future with a singular focus on the goal. On the contrary, a company that fails to have concrete objectives in place is like firing a shotgun into the air — all you get is an initial burst of noise and excitement, and you spread out in multiple directions with no specific mark.

Establishing tangible and actionable goals is one way to ensure you stay on target and mitigate losing precious resources. Here are some reasons why you should use core objectives to streamline your company for long-term growth.